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Friday, February 22, 2013

Prosthetic Parity and New Jobs

The past week has been quite busy and exciting. The best news has to do with prosthetic parity. Currently, when insurance companies cover prosthetics in Kentucky they are filed in a category known as "durable medical equipment." This is the same category that covers crutches, wheelchairs, bedside commodes, etc...they generally pay $2500 - $5000 and disallow any computer assisted prosthetic. Just as with any insurance coverage some companies cover more than others. With House Bill 376 insurance companies would be forced to cover prosthetics the same as any other medical prescription. This would allow for amputees in Kentucky to receive higher quality prosthetics and cover the higher costs of these limbs. I'm sure you, as well as the legislators, are concerned with how this will effect insurance premiums, the great news is it would only raise insurance rates about 12 cents per member per month. For literally pennies a month, amputees could get the prosthetic they need to get back to a functional life. Wednesday a group of us went to Frankfort to the state capitol to testify in front of the House banking and insurance committee. The next step is for it to be voted on during the next house meeting, then onto the senate.

As for things going on closer to home...I interviewed for a supervisor position at my place of employment. I'm hoping to be the on ambulance supervisor. I also have applied for a flight medic position. I'm hopeful for the supervisor position, but have no idea if I'll be considered for the flight medic position. Given my weight and disability status, I'm not sure if they will consider me at all. As soon as I know more I'll update everyone on here.

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