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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Call to Arms!

This is a call to arms. To everyone in a public safety field. To everyone who has a loved one who has been ill. To everyone who can help. 

Picture this scenario:
You arrive on scene of yet another run, inside you find an elderly man lying bed, weak and frail. He is covered in God knows how many days of his own filth. You and your partner go to move him from his bed to the cot when you feel something on your forearm...great, you think, I just got his nastiness on me, I'll wash it off with some hand sanitizer in the truck.

Days, Months, possibly Years pass, you notice yourself getting sick, you are smart enough to see the jaundice in the mirror. You head to your local ER and find that you have Hepatitis C, your mind flashes back to that elderly and frail man, at the ER they told you he had Hep C, you ran the tests, took the drugs, but it wasn't enough. Now your only hope is a liver transplant, but Workers Comp says you don't qualify and you have long since been forced into a medical retirement. Where do you turn now?

This story is very similar to what happened to Joe Tomaso. Now Joe needs our help, our brother is reaching out in his time of need and we need to reach back. I'm asking for whatever you can give, be it money, a kind word, or spreading the word about this fundraiser. Let's rally around our own. Please spread the word

This is a scenario that is possible in anyone's lives, not just EMS. How many times do you pay attention to the small scratches and cuts on your arms? How many times have you found blood or another fluid on your work pants, shirt, boots, gear? Please consider reaching out and showing support to a real world hero.

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