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Monday, May 7, 2012

One Year Anniversary

Tomorrow is a very big day here at Prosthetic Medic HQ. Tomorrow marks my one year anniversary since I fell off of that waterfall into an uncertain future, it also will be the day I am taking a test in the process of becoming Car 3 at LMEMS. I'm not sure I'll get it, I'm actually amazed that I would even get past the initial application. It's fitting that one year to the date I'm applying for a job that could change my future yet again. It's a bitter-sweet day. One year ago I had no idea for the year I was in for. In the last year I have nearly died from a 110ft drop, had several surgeries in an attempt to save my left leg, wore an external fixator for 2 months, used a cane and knee brace for several months, decided to have my leg amputated, started this blog, had the surgery, found a prosthetic I wanted, got it (changing how Humana does business in the process, I have you all to thank for that), started PT, took my first steps on March 5th, went from crutches to a cane, now I'm walking some without the cane and had my leave extended through august so I can return to LMEMS as the Prosthetic Medic. Wow, all of that coupled with the everyday stressors that come and go, makes for a very busy year. As I reflect on all this past year has included, I can't help but feel excited about the future. I'm not exactly sure what the future will hold, I am, however, very hopeful for what it will bring. I am going to attempt to return to work, I'm not sure that I can do this job, but I know I will continue to fight to get back to where I was prior to this accident, but I'm sure that I'm going to continue to fight for the rights of others in my position.

I have learned that sometimes you have to let go in order to move forward with life. Somethings you are very attached to, in my case both mentally and physically, can hold you back. The only way to get on with life and move to a better place is to let it go. Sure, there will be pain, somedays you'll wonder if you did the right thing, but in the long run I'm better off for the decisions I have made.'s to another year of living and learning, another year of learning how to adapt to my new life and look forward to what it has in store for me next.

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