Thanks to all that have helped!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Prosthetic Medic Rides Again!!!

Great News!!!! The Prosthetic Medic will ride again! I'll be starting my new position on October 29th, of course I have orientation and classroom stuff to get through before I get back in the ambulance, but just the prospect of being back where I belong makes me feel like I'm about to start a new school.

There are several opportunities outside of being a street medic at this service that I'm very excited to possibly branch out into. That's all for tonight. Busy day tomorrow at the Prosthetic Medic household. Kate's cardiology appointment is tomorrow so we find out what the plan of action for correcting the hole in her heart. For those out there that believe in a higher power please send some prayers/goodvibes/thoughts in our direction. They have set the C-Section date for Liam on January 2, 2013 so for now that's our goal. Keep him baking until then, unless the cardiologist has other plans for us.

I'll update some more in a few days.



  1. Well done that man, I'll raise a glass to you later in the evening.

    Very best wishes to K&L.

  2. Good thoughts and vibes for Kate and Liam.
    You, get back to work. [smiley]