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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What might have been

Last shift I was given a glimpse of what may have been. I met a man who is a recent amputee, he was very anxious and scared about what may become of him. He had his leg amputated and was given no further instructions about what is to come in the future. He was very pleased to see an amputee providing care to him. A visual representation that despite losing a leg, you don't have to limit yourself or lose who you are. All he wanted to be able to do is get back on his bicycle and ride again. I was able to give him the name of several prosthetic offices around town and instructed him to call around and find the office that will work best for him. He asked which office I used and of course I gave him the name of Kentucky Prosthetics and a very warm recommendation.

This is when it hit me. How many people out there could return to a functional lifestyle if only given the chance to get the prosthetic they need. After dealing with Humana, and reading up on the numbers of patients who are thrown into this life without given instruction on their options for how to return to their lives. I want to become an advocate for these people. A voice for the voiceless. If you are reading this, and you know of any new, or old, amputees who need help getting the equipment they need please forward them to me or to the Amputee Coalition.

Until next time. I'll be back with more news from the ambulance and lessons learned in getting back into the swing.

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  1. Seems very strange to me that somebody who has just had an amputation is not given any information about what comes next.

  2. love tom
    read more about your warm words..wish to see more your new pics too..