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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Everyday Superman

Who was your favorite superhero growing up? Was it Spiderman? Batman? Who...what drew you to liking that particular hero? Was it their cool nonchalant ability to mitigate any situation no matter how impossible it seemed? I was always drawn to Superman. Not for the obvious reasons...although what boy didn't want to fly or have x-ray I liked that Superman was his alterego. With all the other superheros they became avengers as a change from their normal selves. Not Superman. No, his alterego was Clark Kent. That's how he saw the human's a poingent moment when you realize that. I have heard this compairison made before, so I cannot take credit for thinking this up...although as a child I remeber liking this about Superman. He pulled back his ability to seem less than he really was. He made himself look weak and unassuming because that's how he saw the world.

I'm sure you're wondering what that diatribe was about...well, it's a great social commentary. We all have the ability to be more than we are on the outside. To many people, I'm sure you already are. Being in the healthcare field is an excellent chance to see the human race at it's best and worst. I've seen superhuman boughts of strength from the most unassuming places; not always physical strength either, no I'm speaking of emotional toughness here. We've all heard the stories of a distraught  mother who lifted a car off of their child, but what you rarely hear about is the emotional strength of the family members involved in chronic healthcare issues. These are the real superheros. These are the amazing stories that never make the front page. From my own personal life, the incredible strength of my wife and family amazes me. They have supported me through my time in the hospital until now. Supporting my advocacy and various causes that I have championed since my amputation.

So this post is a huge thank you to all those supermen and women out there. The unsung heroes that are behind the scenes. All of us, have the ability to step's just being willing to step outside the box and have these amazing people in your corner.

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