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Sunday, September 9, 2012


It's amazing how the little things in life can give you a glimpse of how wonderful life can be; even after a life changing event, a small amount of normalcy can set your path back straight. Friday night I was able to get out in the front yard and throw the football around with my 2 boys. I can't run yet, can't jump, well...there's a whole list of things I can't do yet, but I was able to pass and teach each of my boys how to throw a spiral.

Just this little action reminded me of what I'm going through all this for. I used to think I was working so hard just to get back on an ambulance, while that is still the end game, the real important thing was the memory my boys have of learning to throw and catch a football with their dad. It's these moments that mean more to me than anything I have accomplished as a paramedic. It's wonderful to start feeling like I'm about to have a major breakthrough and start my life back up.

As for a life update...Kate is doing very well. Baby Liam is 23 weeks now and is growing as expected. Both our boys are doing amazing in school. I'll update some more later....

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  1. So proud to see you growing & figuring stuff out Joe. As another amputee I'm really inspired. Real Life is what it comes down to anyway. Good for you.