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Monday, September 17, 2012

Webcast and Exercises

Last night I had the honor of being a guest on the 1-801 Union Webcast. Had a great time and got to chat with Sarge John Broyles and the Fossil Medic Mike Ward. If you're interested in hearing the interview you can listen or download it at this link

The opening of the webcast is a discussion on the new educational standards of becoming a Paramedic and the so called "Zero to Hero" programs. These programs advocate skipping spending time on the street as an EMT-Basic and straight into Paramedic. 
The second part of the interview was John speaking to me about my injury, amputation, and recovery effort. It's worth a listen, you can also catch the webcast on every Saturday at 2230 Central Time. 

I also have to thank my high school football coaches. After doing some research I found a list of exercises employed by the military to help get their amputees back on their feet. Turns out, they use a number of the exercises I hated back in high school to strengthen the muscles required for walking. Things are going well, I feel like my walk is improving, I'm learning how to use the leg on uneven terrain, and I found that I can jump...somewhat. 

I'm going to speak with Kentucky Prosthetics about making a few changes to the prosthetic, hook it up to the computer and make a few changes there, and possibly a few changes to the socket itself. I'm learning what I like and dislike and how these small changes make a big difference. I'll let you know what changes are being made and how progress goes. I will be back on an ambulance before this year is out. The sooner the better, just have to keep plowing forward. 

Before I wrap things up tonight I need to ask a favor of you...I'm tossing the idea around about attempting to write all of this in book form. If my story has helped you, inspired you, or you simply have an idea about what I should cover or what you would like to know please let me know. Thanks again, 

Prosthetic Medic


  1. I told you before, you need to write a book! If you need a proof reader, I am retiring in December.

  2. Joe, it was wonderful to have you on. You have become an inspiration to quite a few people over the last week. My "silent co-host and call screener" said it herself that what she's going through is very minor compared to losing a limb (then rolled over and went to sleep).

    You're welcome on the show anytime. Only edit is that it's every OTHER Saturday at 2230 lol.

  3. If I were you, I'd most definitely write a book! This is a story worth hearing. Also, I wanted to ask if you wouldn't mind me sharing this in class. I'm a basic student currently, looking to go medic in the next couple years, and feel like this would be a cool thing to show the rest of my class.

  4. Kayleigh,

    Feel free to use the blog in the class.

    Prosthetic Medic