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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Redneck Tested, Medic Approved

Well...I have somehow managed to break my prosthetic. I'm thinking that Otto Bock should hire me as a crash test dummy. I've had my prosthetic system since March and in that time I have broken the foot 6 times and now the prosthetic knee itself. They could send me new ideas and I'll put them through real world testing. Put a big stamp on the side "Redneck tested, Medic approved!"

So now I have to wait for a "loaner" knee to be sent to me. I'm on a list and have no idea when it will get here. My prosthetist is going to try to get them to speed up the process and get it here quicker. Later in the week I should be getting my new foot (as I said, I broke the other several times) . It's been a trying week to say the least. I have made the decision to move forward and start applying for paramedic positions, with the dream of starting sometime in October. I'm absolutely terrified of getting back on the truck. So many variables to contend with that I haven't had to think about, but still I'm excited at the prospect of getting back at it. Hopefully later this week I can tell you the problems have been solved and I'm up and at it again, until then I will be using the broken leg and moving a little slower. Hey, adapt and overcome right.


  1. I'm sorry Joe I smiled reading your post. Takes a real man to break stuff properly.

    And it reminded me of a time at work, when a very flustered Sub-contractor came up to me and said "Have you got a rivet gun? My mate's leg has come off". (We were a bit confused until we realised he had a below knee proshetic, that no-one had spotted.)

    Looking back now we did have some right idiots on site, including the guy that tried to catch a falling 10'x8' steel sheet with his bare hands. Ouch!

    All the best.

  2. Joe, I've got it figured. You're tying your shoelaces too tight. And quit playing football. Those tackles could bust anyone's knee!

  3. "Redneck tested, Medic approved"--terrific. Rock on, Joe.