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Saturday, February 15, 2014

I want your much?

Life as an amputee can be perplexing. Aside from the things you would expect to be challenging; learning to walk again, gaining balance, learning to fall, stairs....there are other parts of this lifestyle that just confuse me. 
Case in point; when it comes time for me to get a new prosthetic device I have to work my way through a ballet of hoops and red tape. It's not as simple as my physician saying "Joe needs this prosthetic in order to live the life he is accustomed too." No! Instead we submit to my insurance company which prosthetic I need. They will either 1.)reject it outright and say I have to choose a prosthetic from their list of approved devices; 2.) Offer to pay a very minimal amount towards said prosthetic and leave me to cover the rest; or 3.) Stall. 

These are the tactics I am up against each time I try to get a new leg or foot. I've faced this recently. I was attempting to get a microprocessor controlled foot that would mimic the effect of having a functional ankle...I got approved for the foot. The problem was, they weren't willing to pay their share. They wanted to pay much less than my coverage provided. This leaves me once again fighting the appeal process, this time, I chose not to fight. I let this battle go...many times amputees are forced to make these choices. I have learned the lesson of when to fight and when to back down...pick your battles indeed. 

Why am I going on and on about how difficult it is to get an appropriate prosthetic? What does this have to do with you? I'm glad you asked...but first a few more questions to post to you. How much is it worth to you to be able to walk? How much money would it take for you to give up that ability? What about the ability to pick up silverware? How much is that worth? The reason I ask is because this is the reality of thousands of amputees in the United States. Amputees who could benefit from the technology available, but just not available to them. 

I ask all these things to emphasize the importance of a petition I just posted to 
All I am asking is for you to sign this petition, to get the attention of the President and Congress, to have them realize that Americans are suffering and it is pointless. Please sign the petition to pass a National Insurance Fairness Act for Amputees. 

Here is the Link

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