Thanks to all that have helped!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Big news on the Prosthetic Medic front. Looks like in January Kate and I will be welcoming a baby boy.  This means we will have Bryson, Logan, and then William "Liam".  We are thrilled to be welcoming this little bundle of joy, and now I have even more motivation to get back where I belong!!!

Aside from the biggest news, I'm still working on going off of my cane. Today I spent most of the day without the cane. I get sloppy towards the end of the day but I'm happy working without cane, and more importantly I have the blessing from the physical therapist to continue working without it and learn to use my knee to more of it's capabilities. So if you're in Louisville and see a fat guy sweating his butt off and leaning a little. Don't worry it's just me.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Goodbye Cane...almost

For the past week I've been trying to go without my cane. I'm tired of having to use a crutch and want to move on to the next step of the rehab process. My gait isn't perfect and I'm not close to where I want to be with that aspect. That being said, it is getting better, the hip flexors are strengthening and the lean I have when stepping onto the prosthetic is getting better as well. I've noticed when not using the cane the energy expenditure I have while walking has increased significantly. Now, the next step in the process is to up my stamina and endurance, right now just walking through the grocery store has me breaking a sweat and wore out. I have to admit, this process is wearing thin, I'm ready to get going and move on, but my body just won't let me do so. My prosthesist told me that this process would show me the meaning of patience, I have to admit he was right. I know that by not giving my body the time it needs to move at a natural speed will only lead to more problems in the future, I just wish I could speed up the process. I attempted to walk all day without the cane, including walking about a mile total non stop. This left my leg hurting and sore and I had to take off the leg as soon as I got home. That is what frustrates me the most. I have the leg, I have a wonderful socket that is the most comfortable of all the ones I've had so far, and now all that's holding me back is my own anatomy. I've been told that if I can lose some weight it will get better. I have a wonderful physical therapist who is helping me along this road and working on getting me off the cane for good, it's just getting my leg to listen to what my brain and heart wants to do.