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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ups and Downs

I've had some amazing highs and lows over the past few weeks since we spoke last. I was lucky enough to be chosen as an Stanford Medicine X ePatient Honor Scholar. I love that I was described as being "persistently disruptive yet positive advocate." Medicine X was life changing, it rocked me to my core and galvanized my resolve to be a difference maker in the world of healthcare, not just for amputees, but for everyone. I was then asked to take part in a Google Hangout discussing my time at Medicine X and the lessons learned there. You can see the video here MedX Live Hangout

Now some of the lows I've experienced. Many of you know I have had a dream of becoming a flight medic well before my accident, I have wanted to fly. I had the opportunity to interview with a very prestigious flight service, and although my interview went extremely well, I was passed over for another medic who had years of flight experience. I can't blame them for their decision. I know, being a manager once before, I would have made the same decision. I remain unemployed for the Christmas season, and there's the kicker. How do you make sure your kids have a wonderful Christmas, pay your bills, and still have enough for the other little essentials like food and gas...that's where we are now. Kate is working, but without my income to help, I feel like I'm trying to dig a hole in the sand, the deeper I get the more sand pours in from the top. We've been blessed to have our family help us and keep us at least treading water, but I feel like I'm sinking and just want to fix it...I hope to have this solved by the new year. I've always been the eternal optimist and continue to be so; I know things look bleak but that's just today, I will have another opportunity to use my talents, I just have to find the right fit.

I'm still waiting on my socket from Otto know the one I was supposed to have months ago so I can stop having these hives break out on my leg everytime I put my prosthetic on...yeah that one...I'm told it has made it to the US, in fact it is in Minnesota at Otto Bock they are holding it up in order to build the frame there. My prosthetist has asked that it be sent to his office so he can make the frame himself, which would be done quicker than how they are doing it. I'm just stuck...waiting....I've lost a job, I can only wear this amazing piece of technology a few hours a day before it becomes too painful...I'm just in this holding pattern. So I wait...

While I wait I start to write, I've been trying to take time here and there to jot down this journey that I've been on, in a little deeper detail than I have here, looking back at the experiences that have shaped me into the person I am, and the dreams I have for where I will go from here. To start, I've applied for Stanford Medicine X again this year, only instead of just going as a blogger, I have applied to go as a presenter. Last year the Ignite speeches, from some of the other patients at the conference, were some of the most powerful experiences of my life. I want to be a part of that. I want to get out and speak out about my story and about the Medical Injustice of the Prosthetic Industry...namely the insurance industry. How much would you pay for your leg? Your arm? Your ability to walk, or pick up your child, or just simply stand much is that worth to you? Now, realize that the prosthetic that could change your life, is lumped into the category of "Durable Medical Equipment" a category that also houses bedside commodes and wheelchairs. Then realize that most insurance agencies only pay $2000 for a lifetime or will only pay for one prosthetic per lifetime. I want to change this. I want parity for everyone, not just Kentucky, everyone. This is where I am headed. This is my goal now. I want to remain a paramedic, and I hope I can go fly, but I want it to be my means to an end...the end being a change in how we view amputees as a society and how we let money decide what limb is best.

Do you want to have the Stanford Medicine X experience? Do you have an idea on how to change healthcare? Are you an active participant in your care? If you can answer yes to any of these you should apply for an ePatient Scholarship to attend Stanford Medicine X 2014...but hurry the application deadline is January 10th

Apply to attend Medicine X here...Tell em the Prosthetic Medic Sent Ya!!!