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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Legislature, Baby, and Prosthetics

Been a busy few weeks here in Prosthetic Land...House bill 376 did not get through the Kentucky Senate. Although this is a setback, it is not the end. The fact that we were able to get it through the banking committee in the House and passed on the House floor shows that we have the support to get Prosthetic Parity in Kentucky. For those who haven't seen the previous post about the law, it's basic premise is to force private insurance companies in Kentucky to pay for appropriate prosthetic equipment as defined by the patient's doctor; instead of imposing a cap on either technology, money, or both to limit the coverage a person is able to get. As an example, the prosthetic that allowed me to return to work was only possible due to the pressure placed by those of you that called, messaged, or otherwise contacted Humana. They impose a limit on the type of prosthetic they will approve. My knee is deemed "experimental" because it has microprocessors. This type of technology has been around for years, but due to the cost of the prosthetic, they label it experimental and refuse to approve this amazing product for those who could use it most. Next legislative session we will be back, and be ready to fight even harder.

On the personal front Mrs Prosthetic Medic has returned to her throne behind the radio, dispatching at work. Liam and I have had a difficult time adjusting to being at home without her, but it's getting better.

I'm trying to get some prosthetic issues worked out. I've started to have some skin issues, while minor at the present, could pose serious consequences if they aren't dealt with quickly. My amazing prosthetic team is on the case, and assure me the problems will be fixed soon. This is yet another unforeseen complication of wearing a prosthetic. Skin breakdown is a huge problem, if it gets too bad, I'll be forced to not wear my leg until the skin is healed. This means missing work, since it's not a work related issue I won't be able to get a light duty position that would let me work without having to wear my prosthetic. My prosthetist has told me that this is a complication of wearing my prosthetic for extended periods of time, while doing very labor intensive work. In a few years, once the skin has adjusted this will no longer be an issue, till then I'm forced to find creative methods to deal with problem.

Progress is being made on the ever elusive book about this whole wild ride. I'm getting my thoughts organized and the first chapter is nearly complete. Well, It may be the first chapter. I'm just writing and will place things into place once it's fleshed out a little more. If there is anything you'd like to know, or think I should include feel free to let me know. I'm always open to suggestions.

Till next time.