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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Almost Socket Time

Had a good day today. Went to PT, Kate went with me so she got to see me actually work out and what I'm doing when I'm there. Also, started to bottom out on this socket, so it's almost time for another new socket. The design on the next one will be radically different than the rigid suction socket I'm currently using. The next design will be a carbon fiber frame and a silicon liner. This will let me be able to contract my leg muscles more normally and be able to feel more when I sit down and not have as many pinches as I do now. I'm excited to try the new style socket. I'm working towards my goal of August and trying to get ready to rejoin the workforce.

Also, my physical therapist has mentioned me to a person who can help me get "work hardend" and show me some exercises to help prepare me for the daily grind of being back on the ambulance. Amazingly, this therapist is also an above knee amp so he can actually perform some of the tasks and show me how he would do them, and let me adapt my way that works best for me. He's also on the C-Leg, which is similar to my knee as well. I'm very happy to meet this guy and get his input, also he lost his leg while in the military, so he went through the military training to get back up and moving, and uses that training in his program to get people ready to go back to work. Tomorrow, until I bottom out, I'm going to try to spend a few hours without the cane and get the house clean.

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