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Monday, April 9, 2012

Tired of stressing

I'm so tired of being stressed. It seems I make a decision to stop worrying about one thing and another decides to rear its  ugly head. It never fails. The past year I have on a regular basis had one trail replaced with another. I had decided that I'm not going to worry about where I work or even if I'm going to be a medic, that gets replaced with more stress from a personal issue that I can't go into here. Just needless to say I'm ready for a break that doesn't involve one of my bones.

On a more positive note, tomorrow is another day of physical therapy. At least I know that I can use some of this frustration to better myself. In high school our football program had the motto "Bigger, Stronger, Faster" this is my goal. I want to be bigger, stronger, and faster than I was prior to the fall. Hey I'm already one leg lighter so I'm more aerodynamic. I've started working on a balance ball, with and without the leg on. This is helping me find where my center of gravity has switched to, in most above knee amputees it moves up and to the right. This is true of me as well. Now I have to train my center of gravity to get back down where it belongs when I'm wearing the leg, and back up when I take the leg off. It's been recommended that I do some sort of martial art, this will help me find my center of gravity, switch it when needed, and help me defend myself when needed at get's hairy in the field from time to time.

Tomorrow's a new day. Hopefully, it will be better than today.

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