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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Still No Word

OK....Still no response from Mayor Fischer...I think that this speaks volumes to where I actually stand. Many months ago, in fact, just shy of 11 months ago I had the entire command staff at Louisville Metro EMS standing next to me in the hospital bed at University of Louisville Hospital. They came in there with my friends, my family, and my fiance, they came in and said I was family and that they will do what ever I need. Whatever....I....Need

I need insurance, I need my retirement, I need you to fulfill what you had told me. I'm what most people would describe as a "country boy" so to me when you give your word about something, I trust that you are going to follow through with whatever you said you'll do. Guess that makes me odd for this area. If I give me word I follow through, as best as I can. If I tell you that you're family, then I will do whatever is necessary to help you. It's just frustrating, but I'm not done fighting for what I want, for where I'm supposed to be.

On a completely different note, I'm going to start training to up my endurance, my strength, and my balance. My physical therapist has told me that if I can strengthen my hip flexor muscles and start training them to act as my ankle. When standing on one leg, the prosthetic that is, then my muscles in my hip have to act like an ankle. Want to know how this feels, try balancing on your knee on the edge of your couch. That's how it feels. So, hopefully tomorrow I'll start swimming and try working out different exercises to get ambulance ready by August, no matter where I go, whichever service I am at, I will be the best medic I can be, and my patients will receive the best care possible.

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