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Friday, April 20, 2012

Call from Dr Ross and Looking Toward the Future

Got a call from the surgeon who performed my amputation today. Dr Ross was the surgeon who saved my leg after my fall and performed my amputation, as a review for those who are new here. He has a patient that he wants me to speak to about having an amputation and life afterwards. This will be my first time speaking to a "prospective amputee" as it were, I'm honored and excited to do this. One of the most helpful things that helped me make the decision to have my leg amputated was being able to speak to several amputees who are living a wonderful and active life post surgery. Most of them have been amputees for years and I'm thinking that being a relatively new amputee I'll be able to help prepare him for what's to come. One of the best parts of the amputee community is how we rally around one another and welcome in others. The support I have received from others and knowing what to expect made the choice an easy one, I hope he calls, and that I can be as beneficial to him as everyone was to me. Those of you out there who spoke to me, and continue to help me, I may have him contact you as well. I can give him my view as an amputee for a few months, but hearing how you can have a normal life after will be very helpful as well.

On another note, I haven't heard from LMEMS, and really I don't expect to. I hate this, I want to stay there, it was my home for 6 years, I loved that service and sacrificed myself to get back there...that being said, I know that with the doors that have been opened since my surgery I will find another service and be happy there. I will miss the people I worked with. I made some great friends there, and honestly, that is what I will miss the most. Yes, working in an urban/suburban service can be very exciting. Yes, there is a massive abuse of the 911 system and it gets old quick, but there is ample opportunity to do some real good and actually make a difference every once in awhile. I'm saving my actual goodbye for when I am terminated from the service, so I'll stop going on about this for now. For those Medics/EMT's in the area who are thinking of applying for LMEMS, I still say it's a wonderful service that has it's problems, but could be great and will be again.

Spoke with Matt at Kentucky Prosthetics, start designing the new socket next week...any suggestions for what I should have put on it? I'm open to any ideas...I'm thinking about my tattoo design I'd decided on..."Pain is inevitable, Suffering is optional" of course I'm going to get it designed with a Celtic Oak Knot.

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  1. As always, I support you :( although it makes me sad to think you may be gone, I'm just happy you're alive today. My forever friend.