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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Open Doors

It's amazing how things work out. It seems as my termination from LMEMS draws closer doors are opening in other services. Today I spoke with Todd Early who was one of my instructors in paramedic school and former head of the education department at LMEMS, he is now Car 1 (Operations chief) at Shelby County EMS. He saw my article in the Courier Journal and took it to his boss at Shelby County. The judge and Todd have given me an open offer to come work for Shelby County EMS as soon as I'm ready. It would be a part time position to start, then full time whenever a spot opened up. This is amazing to me. To hear of the amazing way this service treats it's employees has shown me that if I am forced out of Metro EMS that my career is far from over and there are other places that have recognized my determination and are willing to award it. I have heard stories of employees there going thru tough times, medical conditions amongst others, and instead of forcing them out, they helped make sure they had a job and the full support of the service. It's heart warming to hear this and gives me hope that there are companies out there who believe that employees come first.

Also, yesterday I walked for as long as I could without my cane. It was my first attempt at walking for an extended period without any assistance. My walk still needs help, my hip flexor muscles are still weak and I'm working on strengthening them. That's the hard part of my physical therapy now, I have to get my stamina up and learn to trust my prosthetic.

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  1. Joe, your hardwork, positivity, and compassion are an inspiration to me. Shelby County is fortunate to have you, and I wish you the best of luck on this journey. May all your trials and tribulations serve to strengthen your soul and resolve. Sincerely, Shannon