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Sunday, January 22, 2012

4 days to go...Dead leg walkin...

Today has been somewhat productive. Finally had the time to take the Christmas tree down, yeah, I'm that guy who has his tree up for way longer that what it ever should be. Really, contemplated just leaving it up and calling it a various holiday tree (i.e. valentines tree, St Patrick's tree, etc) I think it could catch on. Instead, we took it down and arranged the living room so when I get home from the hospital I can get around a little easier. Getting even more nervous now, thoughts of yesterday's conversation are still lingering, and I realize that I have to fill out an advance directive and sign over medical power of attorney to my fiance' just in case something does go wrong. Once again, I'm confident in the ability of Dr Ross, he's assured me that his priority is tying off the femoral-popliteal bypass safely and combining the muscle groups so I have a functional stump. Also, had the weird realization that I may have trouble getting into my own home, so my loving brother, who is a contractor and kitchen designer, is going to build some ramps onto the porch and into the house. This is becoming quite the ordeal.

Mostly, I'm scared that I won't be able to live up to the expectations placed upon me, or the expectations I have placed upon myself. I want to be able to return to who I was prior to this catastrophe. Going through this has made me want to become a better paramedic, father, husband (soon hopefully), and overall person. I've realized that I can use this experience to change the world around me. Who know, maybe I'll become a motivational speaker. Coming soon to a classroom near you Joe Riffe the Prosthetic Medic...hey kinda has a ring to it. Guess we will see. Anyway, I want to thank everyone for reading my therapy. This has been and continues to be very therapeutic for me. I hope you keep reading and enjoy!

And one quick word, I am still well short of where I need to be in terms of my finances, if you can please click the donate button and give a little, every little bit counts. I'm sorry I keep asking, but if you place yourself in my position, you would do whatever it takes to make sure your family is taken care of. Thank you all again, Please keep reading. 4 days to go and my leg will be put to death...dead leg walkin...

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