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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Check Please...

Hopefully going home tomorrow. I really hope so, when not needed hospitals can quickly become prisons. I very appreciative of everyone and all they have done for me while I've been in here and now I'm ready to move this show to my house and start my new life. The plan now is to start fitting me with compression stockings, shaping my stump for the prosthetic when it gets here. Gotta love the fight with insurance companies. Otherwise my recovery has been quick and I'm extremely happy about that. For the first time in months I have something to hope for. I can finally start making forward progress towards my goal and I feel like I have some control over this whole situation. I'm excited to get moving on, and still quite apprehensive about the entire thing, It's still odd to look down and not have a leg. Walking, using the walker of course, is quite odd. I'm still trying to find my center of balance and how to manipulate my body to compensate for my lack of a leg. Pain is still up, but controllable. So here we go. Things are on the way now. I finally have some forward momentum and plan to keep this up. Now, aside from getting the prosthetic, things are up to  me. I have to have the drive to push myself to this goal. I still have this fire inside me telling me that this is not only possible, but I will accomplish this and so much more because I went  through with this. Agreeing to have my leg cut off is the hardest thing I have ever done. Lying there in preop was terrifying, but I knew that I have a great support system both on here and in my life to see me through. I hope I can help others facing this situation one day the way others in the AKA community have helped me through this. It's greatly appreciated and will never be forgotten. Let the journey begin...

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  1. You are a very brave young man....and very inspiring to alot of people been praying for you and now for a fast recovery and the whole nine yards....hang in there and continue to inspire others with your great spirit...prayers always for you and your family!!God bless you!!