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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A little more Passion

There is one key point I forgot to mention earlier in my "Passion Post." That's the biggest passions in my life. Through-out this blog I have referred to her as "the fiance," truth is, she has a real name and is the reason I made it through this ordeal. Her name is Kate, she is a former combat medic who served in Iraq, and currently works for a private service EMS service here in Louisville. Kate is my strength. She is the reason I have made the progress that I have during this time period. She is the one who has been there when I thought I couldn't do this, the one who has had blind faith in me no matter what. She takes care of my son, her son, and me. I literally couldn't do this without her. She is going to be working and searching for a second job while I'm trying to recover and heal and become this mythical "Prosthetic Paramedic." She is my rock and I am asking that you, my readers and supporters, please remember her.

One part of the story of any traumatic injury that is rarely mentioned is the impact it has on the families of the person injured. When I look back I realize that on May 1st I asked Kate to be my wife. Literally 1 week later I fell and put her through nearly losing me. That is a lot to ask a person to put up with. We have went from a normal relationship and dating to being engaged to her being not only my fiance' but my caretaker, my best friend, my whole world. It's rough on the caretakers. Luckily, I have a fiance' who has seen war. She doesn't see peoples abnormalities and judge them on that. She has treated amputees, she has treated burn victims, and I love her because to her, they are just people. That's all. So this post is dedicated to you honey. Thank you for being there, not ahead or behind, but beside me all the way. There is no way this blog or this dream of being the "Prosthetic Medic" would be possible without you. I Love You, and I promise I will fight for my life not only during the surgery, but throughout the entire rehab process. When this is over we are going to need a nice vacation. I love you!!!

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