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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Gonna be a good day!!!!

Good day. I was able to get out for awhile with my mom, to the DMV, but it was out. Tried my luck in one of the lovely motorized buggys, I can see myself getting into trouble with this. Got good news from my new physical therapist, he is very impressed with my physical shape and recovery already. Only have to see him once a week and I get to make the transition from the walker to crutches. Watch out the Prosthetic Medic is about to get a little more mobile!!! There is still a huge learning curve to overcome here. I'm still very apprehensive and terrified of falling. I know I'm going to fall, that's a given. I was even instructed to "learn to fall," this could get ugly quick, at least this training doesn't begin until I get the staples out.

For the first time in a very long time, I am cautiously optimistic. I finally feel like things are moving in forward direction instead of spinning my wheels. I have learned throughout this ordeal that the biggest opponent to healing and mental health is stagnation. Stagnation in any operation is difficult to overcome, like I said yesterday you have to adapt. Adaptation is difficult and nearly impossible when you aren't moving forward or backward. I am so blessed to have made it through these months of no momentum to jump right into making huge strides forward. I am aware that I have to be honest with myself and know that I am going to suffer set backs, and as much as I prepare for it, it will still hurt and be hard to deal with. I'm not focusing on that now, now I am cautiously looking positively at the future. I am going to get through this and because I have went through this life changing ordeal it will take me and my family to places we never dreamed of...well a man can dream. I just hope it takes me back to playing outside with my boys and the back of the ambulance. Till tomorrow...

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  1. Joseph, you make a Mother proud. and I know that you will run again, play football again, go to the zoo all with the boys, but most of all you will do what you love. save lives. be a Medic, you will also become a champion for amputees..get ready my son God is taking you places..

    Love MOM