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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Socket Design

So I've decided on a design for my prosthetic socket. I figured it would be fitting not only for my profession but for me as well. It's a play off of the Jolly Roger, adopted by many to be the international sign of pirates. I figured since this was used as the logo for the TV show "Jackass" and I had quite a stunt that lead to my amputation it would be fitting. I'm not sure how much of it will be visible since they are going to do some cut outs on it to make it work better for me. I just feel that this symbol is appropriate for me at this time. I'm happy with this design. I know that it's going to take awhile for me to adjust to the new lifestyle of being an amputee. Today I suffered the hardest fall I have had since the amputation. I was sitting up on a stool and as I was trying to slide over to the stove, I found that I can sit here and cook without much pain, so I slid over and down goes Fraizer!!! I took the hardest fall I have had. Nearly knocked the wind outta me, I managed to catch myself and not hit my stump on the ground. I missed it by centimeters, but managed to keep it up off the ground. I'm not quite used to having my leg gone, so I went to catch myself with my missing leg, of course, the leg wasn't there to catch me. I suppose I'll get used to it eventually. Oh well...tomorrow is another fitting for the socket. Hopefully Monday I get to take my first steps, and I'm thrilled that Kate will be there to see. Due to her having to work she has missed most of the fittings, really it's not a big deal, just a clear socket with them drawing on it with a sharpie to make the necessary adjustments. I'm hoping that Monday we can make the last few adjustments and have my knee up and ready to make the necessary adjustments and get this on with. I am ready to walk. Honestly, I'm ready to run!!! I can't wait. To walk, run, hold Kate's hand instead of a cane or a crutch. I have big aspirations for the future, now if I can only get walking and get the move on.

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