Thanks to all that have helped!!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Stress with a side of Excitement

Excited and stressed today. The excitement is stemming from an email from my prosthetic company. Next monday, Dr Ross is going to take out the staples in my stump, then I will  be going to the prosthesist office to start the fittings for my socket. This means I am one step closer to getting my leg and starting the restoration of my self-esteem and mobility. They have the paper work drawn up to fight Humana for the prosthetic, to show why I am deserving of this technology. I hope Humana can see the advantages of paying for this prosthetic, this technology is my only chance at returning to the level of function I want to return to.

Now on to the stress. Normally I would be getting a paycheck this Friday...the only problem is that I am not. Thanks to the donations my bills are caught up till the end of the month. I just don't know how we are going to pay for the bills that are upcoming as well as groceries, gas, everyday expenses. This is the part of the surgery I was most concerned with. Learning to live and hoping to get my debtors to give us a break until I can get an income of some sort. I trust that things will work out. I am the eternal optimist and know that things will work out somehow. I am asking that if you are spiritual you remember Kate and I in your prayers, also, if you can donate anything please do. Kate is looking for another job but hasn't had any luck as of yet. Those are my worries and stresses, as well as my accomplishments.

For those following at home Kentucky Prosthetics is my prosthetic company. They are trying to get me the Otto Bock Genium knee and the Otto Bock Triton foot. Kate is excited about the foot since it has toes and I could wear a flip flop on my "Terminator Leg" as she calls it. I know things are going to work out and thanks to your generosity much of my stress has been and will be alleviated. I owe so much to you, my readers, and thank you for everything. Mostly reading my blog and giving me encouragement. Thank you all.


  1. Have you thought about contacting Otto bock about your story to see if maybe they would help in some way?? Don't hurt to try......Just saying.....maybe you could do some media for them in exchange or something......