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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tomorrow is just a day away...

I have to admit. I'm as nervous as I am excited for tomorrow. I have two major appointments tomorrow. First, and most exciting to me, I go to Kentucky Prosthetics to start the fittings for my new leg. I know that I have to go through several measurements and adjustments for the socket. After doing some research I've learned that most of the measurements for then knee are all done by computer as well. This should speed up the process and get me walking sooner. Next up, is the meeting with the doctor who will be in charge of my physical therapy after I get the prosthetic. I will be going to Fraizer Rehab to learn to use the prosthetic. I'm not sure if I will be inpatient or out-patient for this, either way, I'm ready to get this show on the road. I'm so excited to be able to walk again.

I realized today that I'm very excited to be able to walk with Kate and be able to hold hands again. It's amazing the little things you take for granted, going for a simple walk, holding hands, walking to the kitchen...all things that we have all done a thousand times now take planning and thought. I cannot wait to be able to do these things again. Mostly, I want to be able to go take pictures with her again, this was our stress relief. We would just grab the camera, go for a drive, and take pictures where ever we ended up. I miss that. Getting the news that my leg was approved has given me hope that I can get back to that. Not only going back to work, but going back to life. I have had to put my life on hold for nearly 9 months since the accident, and with that Kate and our boys have had to do the same. It seems unfair that the trauma suffered by one effects an entire family. This is the aspect as prehospital care providers that we never see. We may make the runs that save their lives, do our best to keep them from as much permanent damage as possible, but we don't get to see the damage suffered by those closest to them. Very few people are aware of the stress an injury like this puts on the family unit. Everyone has to chip in to help the injured person. I have watched this transformation in my son and Kate's. I've watched them learn to help out around the house, hold doors for me, and be my own personal pack mules. I've watched as Kate helps take care of me even after coming home from a long day at work. She gladly cleans up my messes and helps in what ever way I need her too...but they don't really get a respite from these duties. Everyone is aware of my plight. Not many are aware of the stress it has placed on my family, don't get me wrong. Kate and I have, in some ways, grown closer together due to this accident. I am amazed by her and her strength throughout this entire ordeal, as well as that of my boys. They have been amazing and I can't wait to find someway to repay them for all I have put them through this past year. I'm thinking as soon as possible I need to take them on a well deserved vacation.

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