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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Knee is on the Way!!!!

I'm extremely excited. I got the call today after leaving my final socket fitting. Otto Bock has confirmed that my knee is being shipped today and will be here in a few days. I feel like this is major victory for me and my family. I have successfully fought big insurance and won...we actually WE have. Thanks to the efforts of some of the people that follow me, Humana decided to let me be the test pilot for the computerized knee. This also means that Kate and I may have to meet with Humana and Otto Bock. It's a lot of pressure and honestly a battle I hadn't planned on fighting. It's one that I gladly pick up though, I have high hopes that if this goes well then they will alter their current protocol for microprocessor prosthetics. If they change this, this could create a huge opportunity for a large group of people that I've never met. First things first, I'm just hoping to walk. I took to the mechanical knee much better today. I was able to walk much better than I did the first time. They filled the bottom with algeanate, which is the same stuff used to make dental castings, and made an impression of my stump for a custom fit of the socket. Honestly, I'm at a loss for words to describe my excitement here. Which is odd for me, I'm usually so verbose. So hopefully in a few days, probably next Tuesday or Wednesday, I'll be posting on here that I am the proud new owner of a Genium knee and a Triton Harmony foot and be walking until my leg gives out...Kate is going to have a time keeping me off of it. It feels good to know that this battle is over and my war can finally  begin.

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