Thanks to all that have helped!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I WANT YOU---> to give me an idea or 2

Occasionally I ask for your feedback. I know the feedback mechanism is frustrating but please let me know if/how this blog had helped you or if you feel I should keep going. I'm facing a major life decisions and am trying to streamline my life. If this blog is causing any damage that is I completely unintended and I'm looking for ways to improve. Let me know what you think.

Joe aka The Prosthetic Medic (hopefully)


  1. I look forward to reading your blog every day. I even went and watched the Otto boch videos on the knee. I highly reccomend reading a book called machine man, just remember its a humourous book

  2. I cannot imagine how your blog has caused any damage to anyone. You are a powerful communicator, and your blogs are honest. Your life and your words are a wonderful example of bravery and character; but, just because you have helped and inspired many (if not all) of your readers does not mean that you should continue your blog if it is cutting into your time and energy. You say you are trying to streamline your life. If you look forward to writing this blog and if it helps YOU (you know it helps US!), then maybe you could blog once a week instead of daily. That might conserve some of your energy, and you'd still be able to write ... and continue to inspire. You are a warrior!

  3. It's not about us. But I would be bummed to not get to follow along.

  4. I love it. As a distant relative, I enjoy feeling more connected and love being able to update the family here on your progress. (Oh, and I hear funny stories of you as a tiny little guy often from your great aunt Mabel, who calls you "That Joseph!!")

    Moreso, I am a rehab nurse and my patients follow your blog! You inspire them daily. You validate their fears, anger, emotional and physical pain, and did I mention you INSPIRE them?