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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Moving Quickly

Had another appointment at Kentucky Prosthetics today. I had been having pain when walking because my stump was impacting the bottom of the socket. They made some minor adjustments to the socket and gave me a latex liner with  some padding at the bottom to help with the pain. After they had gave me this liner I was making great progress. I have been given the clear to use the cane as long as it doesn't hurt when I walk. According to them, I am months ahead of where a normal new amputee is. I am able to walk with pretty equal strides and use the knee as it's supposed to be used. I'm very happy with the prosthetic that they got for me. I'm such an impatient person when it comes to my health. Blame it on my ADHD tendencies, I get distracted easily and want whatever I want now. It does feel good to know that I am ahead of schedule. If I remember I'll post a better picture of me standing in the prosthetic. At this rate they are going to have to make me a new socket in a month. I'm sure the volume loss with plateau off and make it easier to get a more secure fit.

On a funnier note as we were leaving dinner with Kate's dad tonight I lost suction on the socket. The vacuum suction is what holds the socket to my leg and make the prosthetic an extension of me, anyway, I lost suction and every time I took a step it sounded like I was farting...loudly. Logan got quite a kick out of that. He, in fact, enjoyed it immensely. It was a very welcome moment of levity for all of us. It's easy to get lost in the seriousness of the subject matter, so it's very nice to have a moment to remind us that you can't take lifer'll never get out alive.

Tomorrow I try again. Another day of trying to walk, strengthening my leg and one day closer to living life again. I can't wait till all this is behind us and we can enjoy our lives as normal as possible again.

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