Thanks to all that have helped!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Promise of Normalcy

Took a few days off from the blog. Just needed some time away from everything. This weekend I've had a few things going on. I was interviewed for a radio show and went to a symposium for physical therapists. It was good to see others who have been on prosthetics for years, to see that there is a promise of a normal life once I get used to wearing this and my stump has gotten to its normal size. I'm hoping that in the coming months I'll be able to start walking without any assisstance.

The reason I needed the break from everything is that I'm realizing that there is no way for me to be ready to be back by May. Not to say I'm not going to try, but physically I doubt I'll be ready to go. I want to get there, I'm just realizing that getting there will probably be with another service. That's ok. Just moving forward in life.
It was great to hear that this is some of the roughest times as an amputee. This period where you have to let your stump mature and get the right fit for the socket. Once things even out I should be able to start living again. Right now I'm living life a few hours at a time. Once the leg is tired or painful that's all I can do. I can't wait till I've adapted to this. I think things will get much better for us once I've moved in to this. For now I'll continue to try to move forward inch by inch.


  1. This is the stuff no one can prepare you for. But you're such a strong & caring person it will only make you even better. I think the medic you were a year ago has nothing on the one you're becoming.

  2. If it is with another service, anyone would be blessed and lucky to have you. I'm sorry that it's not going to meet your timeline but remember the story of the oyster and the pearl......your still in your transforming stage. Good luck!!