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Monday, March 12, 2012

Just Keep Swimming

I've decided to take down the donate button off of the blog. Your support has been amazing and I cannot express how helpful it has been throughout these past months. I realize that during these trying times that there are better organizations and people that could use your heartfelt gifts. I want to say from the bottom of my heart that your generosity has been a constant motivation to keep fighting to accomplish all my goals. I will continue to blog and keep you updated on my progress as I go forward in learning to walk again and building up my strength to return back to work as a paramedic.

Today I was able to keep the prosthetic leg on for about 4 hours. I'm still relying heavily on the crutches to take weight off of the stump while walking, but I am able to knock it down to one crutch for short periods of time. I don't know how long it will take for me to learn to walk without assistance but I can't wait for that day. I'm so ready to just be able to go again. My prosthesist has assured me that becoming an amputee will teach me patience. I have a feeling that this will be a hard lesson to learn. I've never been good with having patience, that's why I work on an ambulance, I get the patient for 15-30 minutes then it's on to something else. It makes my ADD happy. Today I started learning how to kneel down onto my good knee then get up off the ground. I'm not very graceful at all at this point, I'm sure it will come with practice and time. There's more of that patience that I have learn. I'm going to keep going...for those with kids, kinda like Dori from Finding Nemo...Just keep swimming. I'm still feeling that jones deep inside everytime I see an ambulance go by. I got my medic kit out and just sat and looked at it. I've used that kit to save countless lives. I'm just so ready to get it stocked and put back to work.

As I've said, Thank you all for all the donations. I may bring it back one day. For now, Kate and I are going to make it work. Thank you all again.

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