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Friday, March 2, 2012

We Risk Our Lives to Save Yours

A day like today can really put things into perspective. Yes, what happened to me was a tragic accident. Today, an entire town has faced losing everything they have. This is beyond a tragedy. For those who are reading for outside the Louisville area, those who read me from across the pond, today an estimated EF4 tornado destroyed a town just 20 min north of Louisville, Ky. I had no decision in what happened to me the day I fell, luckily I had more of a choice on having my leg amputated. I had a chance to prepare. I hope the people of Henryville, In took their cues and tried to prepare as well. I have learned that you can take a tragedy and turn it into a chance to grow and become more than you were before. As I am typing this, Kate is is up in Henryville assisting with the rescue and recovery efforts. She makes me so proud. It also, makes me realize the importance to me that I return to EMS. When she got that call that they needed her to come in and go up to the site of the tornado, I had a stream of emotions. I was jealous, plain and simple, I wanted that call to come to me. I want to go. I want to be there helping, putting my skills to use. Secondly, I am scared to death. I have never been the person left behind, I have always been the one to rush into the danger, not the family member left behind to wait. I am so proud of that woman, she has been to war, so I know that she will be fine, but she is also the entire world for our sons and myself.

On a completely different note...My knee arrived at Kentucky Prosthetics today. This means that as soon as Monday there is a chance that I will rejoin the world of the bipedal. Soon, I will be enjoying the  fruits of years of military research that will ensure that I can come back to nearly 100% of where I was before. The foot is there, I've already given them one of my skis aka size 14 New Balance tennis shoes. I will try to post a video of me walking in my new leg. I get to leave the office with my new leg. I hate that Kate has to work, I may see if she can get the day off. I really want her to be there. She is my entire world and I really want her to be there for my first steps in the leg that will give us our lives back. Starting Tuesday I will begin my real physical therapy. I plan on hitting the gym, fire towers, escalators, running after lost puppies, what ever I have to do to get my redneck self back on the ambulance. I haven't felt a yearning this strong to get back in awhile. Knowing that their is an entire community of people who are hurt and I could be there helping to save the most important thing...the lives of the ones they love. Homes and Cars can and will be replaced. Your loved ones.  The EMS creed...We risk our lives to save yours....That doesn't become more evident than when a natural disaster strikes. May God be with our brothers and sisters in public safety tonight as they walk into Hell to pull another from the flames.

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