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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I was Raised That way

Growing up in rural West Virginia I had no plans to be in Louisville, Ky. I had no plans to be a paramedic, or even to work in healthcare. I was going to grow up to play either in the NFL or NBA. There were many days spent on a concrete basketball court honing the craft, learning to dribble the ball through my legs, perfecting my crossover, my turn around jumper. Then, as often happens, I grew up. Of course, there's a large story between shooting 3 pointers and starting 14 gauges, but needless to say, I never saw this path coming. It just sort of happened. I had plans made. I was going to do so much, then I went hiking. Once again...plans change. I've learned a valuable lesson here, being able to bend. If you notice no matter how strong the winds, the trees that can bend are always left standing. I'm learning to bend.

My family grew up in the coal fields of West Virginia, we had really 2 options for future job prospects. There was deep mine coal mining or strip mine coal mining. That's about it. Sadly, things have gotten worse back home. Don't get me wrong, there are wonderful hard working people there who would do anything they can to help a total stranger. It's this upbringing that has lead me into the healthcare field, well that and my mom being a nurse and my dad being a truck driver Paramedicine is the natural choice. If those two professions had a child a paramedic would be born. If anything has to be said, my country upbringing has taught me to be flexible. Country folk are some of the most flexible around, we make our own food if we have to either grow it or kill it, either way there will be food on the table and always enough to feed a neighbor.

So, how does this tie in to me now? I've been asked on numerous occasions if I feel like I made the wrong decision? Would I keep the leg if I could go back? With that in mind, even a flexible tree loses a limb, it's still a tree, it still bears fruit. Just seems that I may have to change the scenery behind me. Even if I have to change the lights and sirens for whatever may come...I'll be ready. I was raised to be ready. I say yes ma'am, howdy, I have a twang, I'm country and I will survive. It's what we do. So, I have learned the long way that life will through many obstacles my way, there will always be multiple paths, but in the end I'll get to where I'm supposed to be, Yes Ma'am, Yes Sir, I was raised that way.

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  1. Keep this outlook, Joe - it will help sustain you through the really tough times, as you've already shown so many times on this journey! Also, I saw this today and just had to share...if this awesome elephant can work with a prosthetic, you can *definitely* achieve your goals! Patience and perseverance, my dear sir...