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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Please Help...Another of Our Own Needs You

Tonight's post has nothing to do with me or my goal. Tonight's post is all about helping others. Yesterday, A coworker of mine lost nearly everything in the tornado in Henryville, Indiana. He is a wonderful EMT, has a wife and child. I'm asking those of you who read my blog to consider donating some money via my PayPal button at the top of this post. All proceeds from the next 48 hours will be given directly to EMT Ben White to help pay for the expenses he has incurred. This money will go to buying clothing for his child, wife, and himself. To pay for food and any other expenses in which he needs help with at this time. I cannot imagine losing my home and belongings in an instant. Please, consider giving to this wonderful cause. I will make sure that all the money donated over the next 48 hours goes directly to Ben and his family. Thank you all for the support you have shown me, please let's support one of our other brothers as well.

Thank you all,

Joe Riffe aka The Prosthetic Medic

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