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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Why I Ask Why

I can't wait to get my new socket. There is no way to describe the frustrations of an ill fitting socket to someone who has no frame of reference for the sensation. It should be ready tomorrow and I'll be able to get up and start back to working on healing and getting ready to get back to where ever I belong.

Now, on to why I'm posting tonight even though I planned on taking a break this weekend. I have tried to maintain a balance between my personal beliefs on a religious front and this blog. Recently, I was told that my notion that God chose me to endure this path in life is "silly." I'm not attacking the person who made the comment, in fact I commend them. I just felt that I would explain my position. To me there are certain points in life where your god given free will goes out the window and his plan for you will be enforced. Yes, I could have chosen to not go hiking. I believe that no matter what I had done that day the result would have been the same. This lifestyle was where I was headed. Wether it's from a dramatic fall or some other freak accident I was going to endure this trial. That being said, it's a natural reaction when faced with duress to want to know "why is this happening to me?" Now, some people choose to ask this question then wallow in self pity until the heavens open and an answer is revealed. I chose to accept it and own my new life. I still get frustrated and sometimes still want to know why, but I choose to move forward and try to get on with life. There is a quote in the movie "Van Wilder" that I have really latched onto " Don't take life so seriously, you'll never get out alive."

So I may question things but even though I question I attempt to change my destiny at the same time. I know that I will continue to ask why and sometimes I may even get an answe. As for my amputation I like the answer that came from my mom, this happened to prepare me for something amazing in the future. And to me if this blog reaches one person and inspires them to move past what normal society says is impossible then I feel like this has paid off more than I can describe. I'm blessed because I have a supportive family both here with me and those of you who write to me about how I've inspired you. This only makes me want to succeed more than ever. So my silly question is very serious to me. I ask why because my free will allows me too. And remember if you ever want to make God laugh just tell him what your plans are...chances are he has something better in mind.

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  1. Hi Joe,
    I read the original "silly" comment just now. It's fascinating to me (as a former sincere believer now an atheist amputee) to see people wrestle with the concept of God's game plan versus God as onlooker. Your responses are heartfelt, raw and moving. My suffering as the child of religious parents responsible for permanent damage to my leg eventually led me to stop believing in a God. It gives me peace to know that infections and accidents happen to us as humans, and that as humans we have the ability to far exceed expectations no matter how many legs we have. It comforts me to know we're in this together.

    It's an honor to be allowed to watch you struggle and triumph with the uni-pedal life. I don't pray anymore but I cheer for you every minute.